Which Vitamin B12 Brand is Best?

which vitamin b12 brand is best

When you are vegan, it is undeniable that it is sometimes tricky to get the daily recommended value of some specific nutrients. 

Things like protein need to sometimes be supplemented to ensure we are getting enough to allow our bodies to function properly and thrive. 

When doing this, you obviously want access to the best possible supplement options. 

Let’s take a look at which vitamin B12 brand is best and see if we can help you choose the perfect product for your needs. 

Why is Vitamin B12 Important?

Also known as cobalamin, vitamin B12 is essential to your body’s functionality. 

As a vital nutrient, vitamin B12 has to be available to your body but, unfortunately, your body is unable to produce it by itself. 

It has to come from food or supplementary sources. 

The issue for vegans is that most common sources of vitamin B12 are animal-based, making it much trickier for vegans to access this nutrient. 

Cobalamin plays a vital role in red blood cell formation and works to prevent anemia. 

It also prevents excessive blood loss during labor and delivery and plays a role in decreasing the chances of birth defects during pregnancy. 

Many also believe that vitamin B12 has mood-boosting abilities and works to help support bone and muscle health, especially as we grow older and experience conditions like muscular degeneration and osteoporosis. 

Fortunately, there are some foods that contain B12 that are not animal-based, though they can be harder to find or get repetitive. 

For many vegans, supplementing with B12 supplements is just part of following the lifestyle. 

Helping You Choose Which Vitamin B12 Brand is Best

There are a lot of fantastic vitamin B12 products out there that can assist you in ensuring you are getting enough of the nutrient to assist your body in functioning properly. 

That being said, not all brands are created equally. 

Let’s explore which vitamin B12 brand is best together and see if we can find one that will perfectly fit your needs and supplementation goals. 

From the market-leading brand Garden of Life, this amazing B12 supplement is a classic capsule that really packs a bunch. 

With 1,000 mcg per serving, these capsules are a great way to get a lot of vitamin B12 quickly and easily. 

Designed as a vegan, raw, food-based vitamin B12 supplement, this product is made to help not only with blood, bones, and mood, but also with digestion due to the addition of probiotics. 

As a vegan vitamin B12 supplement, this is a solid choice that will likely be the perfect no-frills, no-fuss delivery method. 

Another reputable and well-loved brand, Naturelo consistently creates high-quality, easy to take supplements in a wide range of formats and delivery method options. 

These organic vegan B12 capsules are easy to take and contain organic spirulina for additional micronutrient dosing. 

The high potency 1,000 mcg dose is fairly standard and suits most users easily and comfortably. 

As a product that is made to be 100% non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and naturally derived, this vegan supplement works wonders for adult users and is quickly becoming a client and customer favorite. 

As a fast-dissolving tablet, these Natrol vitamin B12 tablets are a great option that works well for many users. 

The strawberry flavor helps make taking these sublingual tablets easier than ever, ensuring those with sensitivities to medicine flavorings can confidently and easily consume the product. 

The brand also notes that these natural little tablets dissolve thirty minutes faster than most other similar pills, making it one of the fastest turnaround times of all comparable medications. 

Plus, the easy, dissolving nature of these tablets makes this a great travel product since you do not need water to take it and there is no chance of it leaking like a tincture might. 

Another delicious strawberry flavored product, these MaryRuth Organics gummies are a great option for those who prefer a chewable delivery method. 

Non-GMO, vegan, and paleo-friendly, these gummies are not derived from any animal products, instead pulling the vitamin B12 directly from a lichen. 

One of the things that makes this product a contender for which vitamin B12 brand is best is the fact that MaryRuth Organics truly produces some of the best of the best supplementation products on the market. 

They have been around since 2006 as a mother and daughter team-owned store and have consistently provided some of the highest quality products around. 

100% vegan, these PlantFusion B12 tablets are a great option that provide extremely affordable supplementation. 

Designed as a product that is free of sugar, dairy, wheat gluten, eggs peanuts, soy, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, this is a product that is viable for those who are conscious of what additives from products they are putting into their bodies. 

The brand actually has a note that they obsess over the ingredients they use in their products and have actually patented or trademarked many of them; as a whole, they take the entire process of creating and providing these supplements incredibly seriously. 

This makes them definitely a candidate for which vitamin B12 brand is best, as they truly seem to care about what they are providing to their customers on a very personal and professional level. 

Weigh Your Options

There are a lot of products that could potentially provide an answer to those wondering which vitamin B12 brand is best

Due to the essential nature of this mineral and the level of difficulty that can be had in finding adequate amounts of it to provide full bodily support, brands take this supplement’s formulation very serious, especially for vegans. 

It is very much just a matter of figuring out which product suits your needs and works best from what you want from your supplement.