So What Is A True Vegan Really?

What is a true vegan?

If there’s one question that attracts as much debate as “which side of the Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud are you on?”…

It’s probably this: 

What is a true vegan? 

With veganism rapidly and continuously gaining popularity, this is actually a question worth answering. 

So sit back, relax, and let me guide you through this contentious question.

What Is A True Vegan? The Difference Between Diet & Lifestyle

In order to land on an answer to what is a true vegan…

it’s important to first make a distinction between a vegan diet and a vegan lifestyle. 

A Vegan Diet

A vegan diet is only a part of the vegan lifestyle. 

In the most basic terms, a vegan diet is one that is exclusively plant-based.

Plant-based foods or vegan foods are essentially excluding all animal-based and animal-derived food products from the diet.

A Vegan Lifestyle

On the other hand, a vegan lifestyle is one that excludes as far as possible and practicable all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals. 

This extends beyond a vegan diet.

It includes clothing, accessories as well as other items like makeup and hygiene products.

So What Is A True Vegan, Really?

I’m sure at this point, you’re probably already thinking that being vegan is pretty hardcore. 

Well, you’re not wrong, but thats not entirely true either. 

Even though pursuing a vegan lifestyle requires much commitment. 

It is not as intimidating and inaccessible as it may sound.

Sticking to this lifestyle requires some dedication but it’s becoming easier and easier.

If we’re going by definition, then the answer to what is a true vegan is one who commits to the vegan lifestyle…

Meaning, one whose dedication goes beyond eating exclusively plant-based foods. 

However, it is still worth noting that there are vegans, particularly those who consider veganism as a type of vegetarianism. 

Limiting the definition of veganism to one’s preferred diet. 

According to this line of thinking, a vegan is simply one who excludes animal-derived food products from their diet, without regard to other commodities which they consume.

So like beauty is in the eye of the beholder…the definition or answer to this question is up to the person searching for the answer and coming up with what it means to them. 

What Is A True Vegan Doing To Ease Into The Vegan Lifestyle

Before you turn around and say bye to the vegan lifestyle altogether, hear me out first. 

A vegan lifestyle is healthy, environment-friendly, and animal-friendly, but it doesn’t mean you should suddenly jump right into it. 

After all, a lot of vegans started as vegetarians before making a switch to the vegan lifestyle. 

And even after trying out a vegan diet, you don’t have to go vegan in all aspects of your life right away. 

There are many factors to be considered along the way.

The vegan diet alone has different types and variations.

Figuring out your vegan diet alone may take some time, so don’t pressure yourself. 

Once you get acquainted with the vegan diet, you can start going vegan in other aspects of your life.

It becomes a more natural and easy progression and doesn’t need any forcing. 

The only thing to be most conscious about is preventing becoming overwhelmed. 

Don’t try changing everything in your life all at once as it is just too much for anyone to deal with. 

Coming To A Conclusion About What Is A True Vegan...

So if we agree that a true vegan or perhaps a better term would be full or total vegan is one who integrates veganism into both diet and lifestyle. 

But not being able to follow through with a full vegan diet and lifestyle right away doesn’t make someone a bad one. 

It’s a journey after all. 

Remember that veganism is about excluding products that exploit animals from one’s lifestyle.

But only as far as practicable for each individual. 

Here is a great reference for the definition of veganism.

It’s a journey that can be extremely rewarding and empowering so embrace the positive side to help you through. 

Remind yourself to relax and ease into the vegan lifestyle at your own pace – be kind to yourself.