What Can Vegan People Eat Out? Find Good Food!

What can vegan people eat

One common misconception about going vegan which I particularly dislike is this:

You can’t eat out with your non-vegan friends if you eat vegan food.

Not true. Period.

This can’t be any farther from the truth!

And no, I don’t mean taking all your non-vegan friends to vegan restaurants.

Today, I’ll give you a rundown on how and what can vegan people eat at restaurants.

Trust me, there are vegan options that extend beyond salad.

What Can Vegan People Eat At Non-Vegan Restaurants

“What can vegan people eat at non-vegan restaurants?” is a question vegans and non-vegans alike have probably asked at least several times when transitioning to vegan

Well, I have good news for you. 

A lot of times, there are non-salad vegan options that are tasty and fulfilling.

One trick I use when eating for the first time at a non-vegan restaurant is calling ahead to inquire if they have vegan options. 

Or looking online to see if they have any vegan food options on their menu.

You’d be surprised at how many restaurants now include vegan options in their menu to cater to the increasing number of vegans all over the world. 

In case the restaurant you’re planning to go to doesn’t have vegan options, inquire if there are certain dishes that can be modified to accommodate a vegan diet

A lot of the time, cheese can be removed to make a dish vegan. 

Most chefs are very accommodating to reasonable requests, especially when made ahead of time.

What Can Vegan People Eat When It Comes To Different Cuisines?

If you’re in charge of finding a restaurant for your lunch or dinner out, then consider yourself lucky because you can actually look for a vegan restaurant. 

A vegan restaurant might not be the best option, however, if you’re eating out with people with different diets then some cuisines may cater to all. 

No worries, though, because there are cuisines that are filled with what vegan people can eat.

Here are some vegan-friendly cuisines to consider when heading out with family or friends…

Middle Eastern Is Super Vegan Friendly

Middle Eastern is probably one of the most vegan-friendly cuisines out there.

While at the same time catering to non-vegans. 

All you have to do is avoid meat-based dishes, as well as the tzatziki and you should be fine. 

You can have your fill of vegetable samosas, pita, falafels, and tabouleh!


Ethiopian Is Also Vegan Friendly

Another cuisine which is mostly what can vegan people eat is Ethiopian. 

They offer a lot of lentil, pea, and bean dishes, in addition to injera. 

Just make sure to request that your dishes be cooked in vegetable oil instead of butter and to have the sour cream garnish removed.

Italian Has Great Vegan Friendly Options

I’m sure you’d also be pleased to know that Italian cuisine offers a lot of vegan options.

So it’s a great choice when eating out!

Stay away from fresh pasta though as they are often made with egg whites.

Ask the wait staff which pasta dishes don’t contain eggs to be sure.

Vegetable pizzas are often vegan as well or can be made vegan.

Just ask for the cheese to be removed or choose vegan cheese if it’s an option.

Thai Is A Great Option For Vegan Friendly Food

Thai cuisine is also another great vegan option.

As long as you are mindful of the egg, fish sauce, and curry paste. 

Other than that, you have a wide range of delicious dishes to choose from!

Ranging from vegetable pad thai and vegetable cold rolls to vegetable rice and vegetable curries.

So What Can Vegan People Eat When Out With Friends...Well, A Lot! 😉

Just because you’ve gone vegan doesn’t mean that you can no longer enjoy eating out. 

There are many restaurants, dishes and chefs that cater to what can vegan people eat…

So no need to worry!

You don’t have to prepare all of your vegan meals or avoid going out with friends.

Time to explore all the wonderful vegan friendly options near you and keep enjoying eating out!