The 3 Types of Vegan Diets – Bad to Great!

types of vegan diets

What Are Some Of The Types Of Vegan Diets... & How Can I Choose What Option Is Best?


The key to successfully transitioning to vegan diet is in the planning like a lot of other things. 

Before I embarked on my vegan journey, I first scoured the internet and the supermarket for vegan foods. 

I compiled tasty but easy vegan recipes… (Here is one of my latest favourite recipe resources – the youtube channel is great to watch too)

And I looked for vegan brands and alternatives for food items I can’t do without. 

I did miss non-vegan meals for a while, but since I planned my vegan meals in advance, I always had a tasty vegan meal waiting for me whenever hunger would strike.

All types of vegan diets may sound restrictive, but they not a sad diets or made entirely of lettuce and carrots! 

The 3 Types of Vegan Diets

It’s not easy to describe what is a vegan meal, mostly because there are different types of vegan diets. 

In the most basic level, as long as a meal does not contain animal-derived food products, then it’s vegan. 

But if you’re more adventurous, or if you want a vegan diet more tailored to your lifestyle and health goal, then there are at least 14 variation of the vegan diet you can try out for yourself. 

Here are some interesting vegan diets that may change your perception of what is a vegan meal.

The Vegan Junk Food Diet

The vegan diet has a lot of health benefits, but it’s not necessarily always healthy. 

One of the 3 types of vegan diets we’re covering today is the vegan junk food diet. 

I don’t think I need to say that this isn’t the best option of them all – at least not to sustain good health. 

Packaged and processed foods are never going to be as healthy as whole-food, plant-based options. 

This is by no means a 24/7 diet!

But it shows how non-boring vegan food is. 

That’s right, you can still reach out for your vegan pizza, falafel tacos, and vegan burgers even vegan chocolates and treats. 

Just a friendly reminder: having an 80/20 approach to vegan junk foods will assist in preventing a full vegan junk food diet causing health problems like any other junk food diet.

The Whole Food Plant Based Diet

If you want to lose weight but are not too keen about counting calories, this vegan diet is for you. 

The second and becoming more popular of the 3 types of vegan diets is this one: whole food plant based diet. 

This is more about the diet rather than the full vegan lifestyle. 

It benefits many people and is one of the best to sustain and maintain. 

This diet is comprised of whole grains (mostly unprocessed), legumes, fruits and vegetables, and nuts and seeds. 

What I like about this diet is that it is very filling, so you can easily manage to control your portions.

It has a lot of room for customization, too, and can easily be enjoyed even by your non-vegan friends.

The Detox Vegan Diet

The last of the 3 types of vegan diets we’re looking at today is his is a very restrictive vegan diet the detox vegan diet. 

It’s not usually referred to that as such but it can be the starting point of some non-vegans before fully going into veganism. 

There is no strict definition of a detox vegan diet, but it is 80% raw vegan foods, no coffee and alcohol, and lots of water, juices, and smoothies. 

It’s a great diet for those suffering from ailments and need to cleanse their system. 

Often it’s referred to as a raw diet.

If you want to see what a vegan diet can do for your body…

Then this is a great way to see pretty quick results.

Types of Vegan Diets Do Have Variety

You see, the different types of vegan diets don’t have to be boring or repetitive. 

There is plenty of room to enjoy regular nutritious and delicious vegan food! 

It doesn’t even have to be 100% healthy (or boring if you’re thinking that) all the time either! 

You can still indulge yourself every so often. 

Think of it as a reward for yourself, especially if you’re choosing to follow a pretty strict vegan diet for most of the week.

Choosing Variety From The Different Types of Vegan Diets

You might like to mix it up from the 3 types of vegan diets we’ve looked at today. 

Finding a balance around lifestyle, seasons and health goals may see you enjoying indulgences, with primarily whole-food plant based foods majority of the time and when you’re wanting a boost and raw diet for short periods of times such as for 7-21 days or even 1 month at a time. 

Finding what works for you is part of the fun! Enjoy!