What Are Some Good Plant Based Supplements?

Plant Based Supplements

While being vegan comes with a multitude of health benefits, there are always concerns with any diet plan or lifestyle. 

Perhaps the biggest one with eating plant-based foods is that it can be tricky to get all of the nutrients you need due to our cultural reliance on meat for things like iron, protein, and omega-3s. 

Fortunately, supplementation can help you still reach your dietary goals without sacrificing your plant-based lifestyle. 

Let’s take a look at some good plant based supplements to help ensure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need!

Why Use Supplements?

Supplementing your diet is not something everyone has to do but for some, including vegans and vegetarians, you do need to make an effort to try and boost your nutrient levels. 

This is especially common in people who eat an entirely plant-based diet, not because they are not capable of getting the nutrients they need, but because we are often taught that meat is the sole way to get certain nutrients. 

As we unlearn this, supplementing can make the transition easier and keep our bodies healthy without causing us to rely once again on animal products. 

That being said, let’s explore just a few of the amazing vegan supplement options you can easily access to help you along! 

The Plant Based Supplements

There are hundreds of fantastic options out there that can really help to enhance your health and keep you on track with your nutritional requirements. 

These few plant based supplements are just some that have consistently positive reviews and overall solid marketing and price that are a good option for a wide variety of users. 

Collagen is one of the building blocks of the human body. In fact, it is essential to cell function, especially in the skin. 

This vegan collagen supplement by Windsor Botanicals is a great option to help boost your collagen intake without the use of animal products. 

Just one tablet a day gives you 1000% of your daily required collagen, along with 333% of your daily vitamin C. 

The brand notes that stress, your diet, and even the sun can take a massive toll on your hair, skin, and nails. 

This vitamin works to help provide the support you need to look and feel your best. 

Made with ingredients like organic broccoli, cranberry, and grape seed extract, this product is designed to support your apparent health, along with providing joint support and tooth protection, as well. 

PlantFusion is well known within the vegan world for its high-quality supplements. 

Made free of sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors, this natural supplement is a fantastic option to help ensure you are getting your daily recommended dose of calcium, which is critical to your overall health, especially concerning your bones. 

Made from red algae harvested from the arctic waters of Iceland, there is also magnesium and 72 trace minerals within the formula. 

These trace minerals increase the absorption rate of your calcium, helping to speed up the bone remineralization process and strengthen your bones from the inside out. 

Our bone health is often neglected in the grand scheme of things, so focusing on this facet of your health with this amazing supplement can help keep you on track concerning mobility and bone hardness.

Magnesium is a nutrient that plays a vital role in bone health and digestive comfort. 

It provides the basis for bone remineralization through calcium and a host of other bodily reparation tasks. 

With Nature’s Answer Marine Based Magnesium, you are getting 500 mg of sustainably sourced marine magnesium.

This is completely animal product-free and is taken directly from algae and seawater from the unpolluted Icelandic arctic waters.

Since 1972, Nature’s Answer has been servicing those within the plant-based community, providing a wide range of quality but affordable supplements.

This amazing product is no exception, providing essential magnesium in an easy to take, once a day tablet to ensure you can easily access the proper levels of the nutrient each day.

Iron is another nutrient that can be hard to get enough of if you live a plant-based lifestyle. 

Iron is often found in red meat due to its presence in blood and if you do not consume animals, you may miss out on this venue of access.

That being said, you can still access iron easily through leafy greens and other vegetables and legumes, but sometimes it can still be a little hard to get enough.

Since this is such a critical nutrient and plays a massive role in the formation and health of your blood, many vegans do choose to supplement with iron tablets.

These completely vegan iron vitamins are an amazing option that provides 25 mg of iron in each serving without the use of traditional animal products and byproducts.

This means you can still get all of the iron you need without worrying where the mineral came from!

Plus, the tablets are taste-free and contain extra folate and magnesium, as well, boosting the health benefits of this amazing product even further!

Anemia is common with vegans and non-vegans alike, so give yourself the opportunity to get the nutrition you need with these amazing little tablets!

Balancing Nutrition With Plant Based Supplements

Having a balanced nutritional input is the best way to ensure your body is running smoothly. 

We obviously want to look and feel our best and getting your vitamins and minerals is an excellent way to do so. 

While we can usually access enough nutrients through our food, sometimes we do need supplements to ensure we are getting everything we need each day. 

These supplement products are some of the best on the market and will serve you well in your pursuit of a better, healthier body. 

Feel free to check them out; they just might change your life!