Is It Healthy To Go Vegan

is it healthy to go vegan

There was no way on this planet that I was going to go Vegan!

I’d never even thought “is it healthy to go Vegan?” 

I’d grown up with cattle for a large portion of my life and loved…

I mean LOVED fishing and camping and pretty much any activity that involved the hunting or gathering.

The comment above was at the beginning of May 2014 and I changed my approach to by the end of May 2014!

I’ve been eating a Whole Food plant based diet ever since!

Why Change To Vegan Food

is it healthy to go vegan

In short, I was dared!

I’m that guy who if you dared me to swim across a cannel in the middle of the night where you know there are bull sharks I’d be in there, or dare you to rid your downhill mountain bike off the roof of that house after too much beer, that was me so when some one said I bet you can’t go with out eating an animal or what comes out of them for a month well I took up the challenge.

But was saying that it won’t ever change me.

Now I have generally always been pretty fit, apart from this one time when I put on 10kgs and went from 82Kgs to 92Kgs in 2 weeks.

Interesting what beer and meat will do to you!

Now when I say fit I was in a training squad for the 2000 olympics for 800 meters so you could say I was also pretty lean.

Even back then I had elevated blood pressure, but it was in the family and we were all fairly slim people so it was in my “Jeans”.

The 4 Week Vegan Challenge

So I took this challenge on for 4 weeks to eat vegan food and found it actually pretty easy and pretty cheap as well. 

Fortunately I like playing in the kitchen so we had a bunch of yummy meals, but I definitely stuffed some up as well!

We got to the end of this 4 weeks and went down to visit some friends on a farm for the weekend, which I was definitely looking forward to. 

For dinner that night we had a beautiful beef stroganoff. 

I couldn’t wait to tuck into it, my wife on the other hand was a little bit more apprehensive, but me, no way I have been off meat for 4 weeks, give it to me.

Now I got maybe 10 minutes into dinner and started to feel like shit, I whispered to my wife and asked “are you feeling ok babe” she responded saying that she felt lethargic and bloated. 

I instantly felt a chill run down my spine…. So did I. 

I was actually feeling horrible. 

Then I started to panic thinking “No way! I need to eat meat!” 

Then tried to convince myself “I am designed to eat meat” then started trying to problem solve “where else am I going to get my protein, what about B12”. 

Then started freaking out saying to myself have you seen Vegans they are skinny antagonistic people who just have to try and convert you on the spot! 

Not a chance in hell, that wasn’t going to be me. 

I am made to eat meat… I’ll be fine.


I Was Starting Wonder... Is It Healthy To Go Vegan & Stay That Way?

is it healthy to go vegan

Now as I had actually been feeling really healthy up to this point I decided that I would go on a crusade to save my tastebuds.

So I went searching for every reason that I could find why I should eat meat.

This included a truck load of books, documentaries (like in the hundreds) and medical journals. 

All in the aim of continuing to eat meat. 

In the mean time I stayed off the animal products (minus the fish in the freezer from the last adventure which didn’t last long) until I had an answer.

Here is just a very small example of some of the things I discovered in my research.

Why I Stayed Vegan...

Why did I stay of the Animal products? 

Well in 6 weeks I had dropped 16kgs, I had gone from 86kgs to 72kgs I had toned up and my blood pressure had gone from 145/90 to 120/80. 

I kid you not! 

That change took place over 6 weeks, I didn’t even plan the health check up before we made the change it was just my regular one at work and then I have a follow up at the 6 week mark as I was curious.

I also hadn’t really increased my exercise although as I started to feel quicker and healthier my reps and speed increased again. 

I also reckon that at the middle of 2017 I was the fittest I’ve EVER been!

Including when I was in the training squad.

It is now coming up to 4 years since I stoped eating other beings and I feel amazing I have had a bunch of aliments that have now “disappeared” and I am health and happy.

So, Is It Healthy To Go Vegan?

In my experience is yes!

Everyone that I’ve known that’s made a change has seen massive benefits.

You may ask is it healthy to go Vegan for everyone? 

My opinion is also, yes! Now I’m not formally recognised to say that and not claiming to be but it’s my opinion that yes it is.

Are there unhealthy vegans? Well of course there are! 

Are there unhealthy omnivores shit yes there are!

So if you are asking is it healthy to go vegan, try it for yourself.

Is it healthy to go vegan