Looking For High Protein Low Carb Meals Vegetarian Style?

high protein low carb meals vegetarian

Eating healthy is something everyone should aspire to do. 

After all, we only get one body and one chance to treat it right so giving it proper fuel is a great way to ensure you are creating a better baseline of health. 

Providing your body with high levels of protein to support muscle growth and low carbohydrate content to burn fat is a great way to start, especially when working out regularly. 

Let’s explore some high protein low carb meals vegetarian style…

These are easy to love and let’s see if we can make the transition to healthier living a little easier through delicious foods!

Mouthwatering: High Protein Low Carb Meals Vegetarian Style

Eating plant-based is a great way to ensure you are getting a lot of good nutrients but can be tricky at times due to lowered protein content and higher levels of carbohydrate consumption. 

Fortunately, there are some delicious meal options that can make it much easier to cut carbs and still get your daily recommended protein levels!

high protein low carb meals vegetarian

If you like a salad with a lot of flavor, this delicious Asian Tofu Salad from Hurry the Food Up is a sure winner. 

This is a super fun dish that combines multiple flavors and textures, making for a tasty meal that will be a massive hit for dinner parties and lends itself extremely well to meal prepping. 

Sitting at around 450 calories with 18 grams of protein and 37 grams of carbs for an entire dinner size portion, this is a very great high protein, low carb vegan meal that offers a ton of micronutrients and vitamins, as well. 

It uses pressed, firm tofu that is crisped in a pan to give a satisfying base, along with bean sprouts, radishes, cucumbers, pineapples, and spinach leaves to create a very filling and satisfying salad. 

Topped with a citrusy and sweet sriracha dressing, this salad is fresh, light, and absolutely amazing.

Sometimes, we all crave something substantial for a meal. 

Things like processed vegan steaks or portobello mushrooms are typical choices but if you want to up the protein and decrease the carbohydrate content, going with a grilled cauliflower steak is the way to do it! 

By cutting the cauliflower into a half-inch thick slices, you can get an appropriate thickness to mimic the meatiness of steak without the involvement of animal products. 

The seasoning choice of garlic, ginger, and onion makes it taste more substantial than cauliflower usually does and the tahini sauce that is placed over the top is to die for. 

It is tangy, salty, and brings the perfect richness to create a truly special and delicious dish.

high protein low carb meals vegetarian

The Vegan 8 specializes in creating 8 ingredient recipes that are easy to make at home and do not require any special equipment or overly involved methods. 

This nut-free alfredo sauce is absolutely delicious and heavy on the rich garlic flavor, making for a perfect pasta accompaniment without any potential common allergens. 

Using potatoes for thickness and rice flour and tahini for flavor and depth, this sauce is perfect for topping zoodles and other low carbohydrate noodle replacements while providing a healthy dose of protein, as well, due to the inclusion of sesame-based tahini and other rich, protein-packed ingredients. 

Plus, it perfectly mimics the creaminess of a traditional alfredo sauce!

Broccoli and cauliflower are two of the most common veggies used in vegan food. Low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, broccoli is a great way to get a lot of nutrients, including vitamin C, which is vital to our body’s overall function. 

This meal takes a veggie that is frequently misused and abused and makes it into something truly special by adding garlic, oil, and salt to create something super rich and satisfying. 

Sundried tomatoes add a tart zing and the addition of curry powder creates depth and earthiness that is so needed with a dish that is just roasted veggies. 

If you want something easy to make and delicious, this dish is your new best friend. 

All you have to do is chop your vegetables, coat them in a bit of oil and spices, then place the entire batch into a pan and let it roast. It couldn’t be any easier!

high protein low carb meals vegetarian

Quesadillas are a pretty standard vegetarian and vegan food. You can throw pretty much anything inside of them and create a really satisfying, filling, and tasty meal in minutes. 

Vegan cheese, mushrooms, onions, and a host of other ingredients all lend themselves really well to this type of dish, especially if seasoned well and served with salsa, guacamole, or vegan queso to dip. 

This dish, though, is a fresh and fun twist on a traditional quesadilla. Using a cookie cutter, you slice the tortillas into smaller rounds and fill with hummus, avocado, cumin, cilantro, and an optional sprinkle of queso fresco or a vegan alternative. 

Then, you just fold and bake, creating dippable, delectable, super fun little quesadillas. These are perfect for snacking and make for the perfect on the go treat. 

Plus, you can easily further customize the filling to suit your tastes by adding roasted garlic, caramelized onions, or other add-ins. 

These are also great for events, parties, or meal prepping, too!

Choosing High Protein Low Carb Meals Vegetarian Style With Full Flavor

Eating healthy does not have to be boring. 

Learning how to properly cook vegetables and season your food is key in creating some delicious meals while still ensuring you are getting enough nutrients in your everyday diet. 

You cannot go wrong with any of these amazing, filling dishes. 

Experimentation is welcome and recommended to create a flavor profile that best suits your preferences and needs, as well. 

The options are as endless as your imagination so get in the kitchen and start playing around! 

With these amazing recipes as a baseline, you’ll have your perfect meal in no time!