Going From Half Marathon to Marathon Training Plan Options?

from half marathon to marathon training plan

Completing a half marathon is an absolutely incredible rush. 

You finished a 13.1-mile run and are probably riding quite the confidence high. 

Do you know what feels even better than crossing that first finish line? 

Taking the plunge and tackling a full marathon. 

But what about taking that next step from half marathon to marathon training plan?

Let’s take a look at how to decide if you are ready to take on the full 26.2 miles of a marathon and explore some training plan options to help get you ready for the race ahead.

How Do You Know If You Are Ready?

This is a very personal question. No one can tell you if you are ready to take on a full marathon aside from yourself. 

Chances are if you feel that you are ready to train and are capable of putting in the necessary work to get your body ready for the 26.2-mile run that makes up a marathon, you are on the right track.

If you really struggled with your last half marathon and barely made it through, it may be appropriate to consider training a little longer on the half marathon circuit before progressing ahead. 

Your goal is to comfortably finish the race, not push your body so hard it is painful or makes you feel sick. 26.2 miles is no light task for even trained runners so needing to take a little more time to train is completely acceptable! 

Everyone moves at their own pace so whether you are ready right now to begin transitioning or need a little more time, you can make it to the same end goal of completing a full marathon.

Going From Half Marathon to Marathon Training Plans

When choosing a training plan, it is important to keep in mind that you may need to customize or tweak things to suit your needs. 

Not everyone runs the same way or progresses at the same pace so be sure to take your time and listen to your body. 

If one training plan is not right for you, there are dozens more than maybe more suitable so don’t give up! 

These amazing options can help point you in the right direction and give you a starting point to begin training and transitioning.

from half marathon to marathon training plan

As one of the most popular guides out there for progressing to a full marathon from a half marathon, this guide offers a lot of really fantastic insight into training up and getting ready for the full mileage of a traditional marathon. 

It features tips concerning how to choose the right race for your body and running skills, how to train, and how to set your expectations for your first marathon. 

All of this contributes to creating a very viable, informative tip list that really helps you to set things in line to prepare for your first marathon after finishing a half marathon. 

Plus, there are tons of other resources listed in the article to help assist you in further understanding what marathon running requires.

If you are looking for a guide that is comprehensive and offers a plethora of information concerning body conditioning, endurance training, runner fuel options, and more, this is a fantastic option. 

Created by trained runner Amanda Brooks in tandem with one of her trainees who had just made the transition to full marathon from half marathon, this guide is a realistic portrayal of what you can expect when making the change. 

It also provides some really valuable insight on proper hydration and electrolyte replenishment, too, along with many other topics that are sometimes forgotten in the blur of actually hammering out a concrete training plan. 

This article is worth gold and is absolutely amazing for getting a plan in motion to begin your training transition.

from half marathon to marathon training plan

This article is fantastic for giving a breakdown of everything you need to know when approaching starting the transition and in succeeding in it without overexerting yourself or wasting energy. 

It really follows the “work smarter, not harder” method of thinking and makes the entire process doable, realistic, and easy to understand. 

From helping you choose the right race for your body and experience to giving pointers on providing yourself with enough time to prepare, this is a very raw and accurate depiction of preparations that can help you to actually understand what you need to do in order to succeed. 

It even has a small guide about choosing a realistic program for training for your own lifestyle.

Though not exactly up-to-date, the information in this article still rings very true. 

Toronto-based chiropractor, marathoner, and coach Brittany Moran provide valuable insight into the preparation time for getting yourself ready for a full marathon after completing a half one. 

From suggesting a slow increase to support your joint health while preparing for the longer distance to suggesting overall training methods, Moran really hits the nail on the head in regards to creating a foundation for your plan to be built. 

There is even a linked article directly concerning building a plan of your own to custom fit your needs, too! 

This is a fantastic article that is really easy to understand and definitely worth giving a look, especially if you need a confidence boost to begin working your way up to the full marathon mileage, as it really caters to all levels of skill and expertise.

from half marathon to marathon training plan

The Long Run

Distance running is addictive. There is something so incredibly rewarding about finishing a long run and the success that comes with it. 

If you are ready to take the plunge and start working towards completing a full 26.2-mile marathon, these articles are invaluable and perfect for getting to work!