What are the Best B12 Supplements for Vegetarians?

best b12 supplements for vegetarians

When you are vegetarian or vegan, getting the proper vitamin and minerals in your daily diet is absolutely crucial. 

It is vital for everyone but when you are eating a plant based diet, generally speaking you are doing it for health reasons and it is for this point that you what to ensure that you are hitting all the important enzymes. 

While it is possible to get all of your nutrition from food when vegetarian or vegan, sometimes, there is a valid reason to supplement with alternative meals. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best B12 supplements for vegetarians, specifically, that can assist them in getting the nutrition they need!

The Importance of B12

Vitamin B12 is a powerful, vital vitamin that our bodies need. This nutrient works to keep the body’s blood and nerve cells healthy and works to help assist in the formation of DNA. 

It also works to prevent disorders like megaloblastic anemia, which is responsible for making people feel tired, sluggish, and weak. 

Unfortunately, the highest concentrations of vitamin B12 are found in fish, meat, eggs, milk, poultry, and dairy products. 

This means that while vegans can get none from these sources, vegetarians can at least get small amounts from eggs and dairy if they so choose. 

Otherwise, the possible sources become more and more scarce, creating the need for supplementation. 

Let’s explore some of the best B12 supplements for vegetarians to help figure out which best suits your needs. 

The Best B12 Supplements for Vegetarians

There are a lot of brands making some really powerful B12 supplements. 

Unfortunately, due to many of the leading sources of B12 that are naturally occurring being animal products, there is a limited amount of source options for B12 supplements for vegetarians and vegans. 

Let’s explore some of the best options and help you decide which is the best fit for what you are looking for in a B12 supplement.

As a great basic vitamin B12 supplement, this VegLife product is great for beginners looking to try something simple and easy to take. 

This b12 supplement contains a balanced 1000 mcg and is enriched with folic acid, another essential nutrient. 

Folic acid is another B vitamin that is used directly in the formation of DNA and is necessary for adults and children alike. 

It is also particularly essential for those who are pregnant, as it can reduce the risk of neonatal issues and help to form a healthy, thriving baby without depleting the mother’s own B vitamin levels. 

For those who prefer gummies, this Solimo Vitamin B12 is a great choice. With 3000 mcg per serving, you get a very high dose of this essential vitamin. 

This is a gummy vitamin that is designed to assist you in having a balanced level of energy while supporting immune system function and neurological activity. 

These soft, pectin based vegan gummies are a great option with a sweet, natural raspberry flavoring that is delightful and easy to take. 

This product is also gluten-free and made without soy, egg, dairy, and wheat. 

As an Amazon brand, this product is also backed by a rather comprehensive satisfaction guarantee, too, so you have nothing to lose in giving it a shot! 

If you do not like the product, you are guaranteed your money back!

As an enriched B12 vitamin, this Yuve vitamin is an amazing product with a host of primarily positive reviews, this product is truly something special. 

It works by using the most bioavailable form of B12, cyanocombalamin, and combines this ingredient with calcium to maximize the absorption. 

The brand claims that their product works even better than a B12 shot since it absorbs so easily into the body! 

The plant-based formula is vegan, non-GMO, and is free of gluten, gelatin, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, sodium, milk, peanuts, shellfish, and fish. 

It is also made without artificial flavorings, sweeteners, or preservatives! 

This is truly one of the best B12 supplements for vegetarians due to the fact that it is so inclusive!

From Megafood, this certified organic B12 supplement is a great, well rounded option that provides 24 mcg of methylated vitamin B12. 

It also provides a dose of cranberries, which is known to assist in urinary tract health and metabolism support. 

Made without high fructose corn syrup, gelatin, sugar coatings, or artificial colorants, this product is also non-GMO verified, free of 125+ herbicides and pesticides, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.

It also is certified B Corp and certified glyphosate free. This is a great gummy vitamin option that is vegan and formulated to be gentle enough to even be taken on an empty stomach. 

While designed to be pleasant for children and gentle enough for their stomachs, this JoySpring supplement is a good choice that works well for people of all ages. 

It is one of the best B12 supplements for vegetarians, by far, considering the inclusivity of the liquid formula, which also absorbs easier and does not cause a stomach upset like some other delivery methods can. 

This product also has a classic “fruit snack” flavoring, making it easy to get down, too. 

As an incredibly user friendly product, you do not have to worry about adults or kids alike struggling with the taste or delivery of this easy to use oil. 

It is a perfect candidate for your next supplement!

A Balanced Nutritional Input

Having a balanced diet is key in getting the nutrients you need. Still, sometimes, you do need to supplement. 

With one of these best B12 supplements for vegetarians products, you could easily get your daily recommended amount and be on your way to feeling better than ever! 

With improved energy levels, mental clarity, and a boost of immune and neurological health supporting factors, these supplements can truly help to make your day a lot easier. Definitely give them a try!