About Vegan Torque

Welcome to Vegan Torque, this is my take on going Vegan or Whole Food Plant Based, how you do it and what you get out of it. I like to think of myself as a typical bloke (guy).

Although I did grow up on a Cattle station in Queensland, Australia.

I love camping, four wheel driving, surfing, rugby league and union, AFL and pretty much any sport.

I LOVE to cook and create really tasty food and a lot of what I do now is creating foods that people used to eat before changing their diets.

My big one initially was Vegan cheese!

Lately is has been pies 🙂

I love to share my experiences and much to my wife’s protest a lot of what happens in our house is public knowledge.

Especially if I find something that people may like to know about.

I plan to share what I know with you as your ready to know it, everyone’s journey is different and I don’t want to be know for preaching.

Everything that I share with you I have Actually done.

Or I have gone and done the reading on it.

If there is something that you are curious about and it isn’t covered in this site let us know and I will endeavour to have a go at it if I haven’t already and then tell you about it.

If you like my page or a post then please share it!

If you would like to be part of the trial group that is going through my line in the sand experience then let me know.